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Need to be found in Google? Like any business you need to know who your customers are, what they are searching for and talk about things that they will be interested in.  You also need to mention in your content the words that will rank in Google - it doesn’t mind read. Simple? Actually yes it is.. but here we go with a few more tips on getting found in Google.

Here are my top 10 tips for getting found in Google.

  1. Who are your customers?  Create a quick checklist of who, what, where, when, how old, and why they want/need that you do… if you are promoting a weight loss or weight management product you need to know this and more importantly so does google because you will need to be talking about the things they are looking for. You might take a look at the free Google Adwords tool and type in what you think they are looking for – you may be surprised.
  2. Pick a set of keywords that you want to be found for (the Adwords tool will give you some ideas about what your potential customers are actually searching for) and make sure you have articles and content and social media that includes them.  BTW keywords are not what they seem.. for example weight loss Essex or weight loss London are actually keywords even though they are phrases… slightly confusing but once you get it you will be fine.
  3. Think local… you will rank much more easily by talking about places with your key words.  You can always pick other areas around you too – so try looking at your area on a Google Map and looking at all the locations, towns, and villages around you and make sure you mention things in those areas.  You will start building up a nice layer of content in your web links by doing this.
  4. Get your website/blog verified!  No excuses – there is a Google Verification plugin on WordPress that makes it a doddle.. just install and verify – you will need to have a Google Account to do this – so if you haven’t then get one now here.
  5. Write content little and often… feast and famine is not a great strategy online.  If you are building up a readership for your product and want to build relationships with your potential customers.  Try scheduling content to go out if you have a tendency to write lots in a go.. rather than have big periods of nothing.
  6. If your business is local, you should include that somewhere in your content or in the back part of the blog so that your Essex Weight Loss Business actually talks about things people on a diet in Essex are actually looking for and they don’t just talk about diets!  You should have a main theme focus but you can talk about other things… think about other topics so if the ladies (or gents) of Essex are aiming to lose weight what about talking about the new wardrobe of clothes they can look forward to buying and off course they are going to need shoes!  Think laterally..
  7. Add a sharing plugin to your blog… I use the digg digg one from the boys at buffer and it makes it very easy for those people who like what I am talking about to like, share and google+ the content so it gets a wider audience.  This is called leveraging your time.  With other people doing something for you they are opening up your content to a wider audience which means more people are likely to comment and Google will see that and reflect it.
  8. Google+ is a hidden gem.  Let’s admit it – we don’t really use Google+ very much BUT if someone you don’t know has google +d your content – if their friends search for something it is rich in keywords for there is much more chance it will appear in their google search AND it has their stamp of approval on it as it tells them ***** has google+ this.
  9. vi (UK) visalus ukGet people to share for you.. are you part of a blogging network?  Are you part of an on-line community that you can ask people to help you.  If you have built up a community of on and offline friends and you help other people by liking and sharing their content you will find it much easier to get reciprocal shares.  In the early days of your blog/website this will help you get ranked quicker than anything else – so check at the beginning who is ranking for what you have determined you need to be found for (use a different computer or you will find your results will be clouded by the places you have been ie your own website!). Then regularly check back and see what has changed.
  10.  Finally the most important one… make your content worth reading… and make the most of the visitors who find your site.  Content is always king… add the queen by its side with something like the linkwithin or upprev plugin that will showcase other content you have (and give you internal links that your site needs).

Bonus… list your site in as many high ranking places as possible, twitter, google+ and facebook are a good start but there are loads of other places you can add your site to ensure it will get found more often…

One last thing… once someone has found you – what are you going to do with them?

Feel free to share any thoughts and ideas I have missed below that work for you.

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  1. Alvin Royster says:

    very informative post

  2. George Sevah says:

    Very intersting and useful article!

  3. Nice do you ever guest blog?

  4. This is a really great article – as anyone in business realises that being found in Google is a must!

    Love it or hate it – Google is recognised as the definitive search engine.

  5. That is a good checklist. Thanks for putting it together.
    Harold Gardner recently posted…Empire Avenue Tips TwoMy Profile

  6. Thanks for putting this together – Very good and concise. How can I get a blog like this, don’t like Blogger even though it is a Google property as well.

    • We built the blog, it is a self hosted website and has a premium theme added. We do create them for clients and start from £130.

  7. Great tips. Thanks for organizing for easy reading.
    Patricia Goodman recently posted…Learn the Habits of Highly Successful PeopleMy Profile

  8. Interesting. To keep in mind. Recommended to read for every interested

  9. Don’t forget searching out the most popular social web 2.0 and bookmarking sites – Interacting successfully with their members can get some good traffic too. Examples are Squidoo, stumbleupon, reddit … there are dozens of good ones.
    Roger Phillips recently posted…Break Down Of All The TLD Domain ExtensionsMy Profile

  10. Some very nifty tips here Amanda, you can’t beat a solid baseline with a good content blog, keywords and sharing.
    Excited about the google verification plugin but it’s giving me some trouble :( I’ll sort it though
    Thanks for this fab list
    Jacs Henderson recently posted…Put An Opt-In Box On Your Facebook Posts With Facebook Post MagicMy Profile

  11. Great Article! It’s difficult enough to get noticed these days, so any new approach is worth looking into!

  12. Thanks for this. I’m just a little tad confused though, do I still need to verify with Google if I have linked up my site with Google+ and I’m using Google analytics?

    Trish Jones recently posted…If You Want To LIVE You’ve Got To LOVEMy Profile

    • Yes unless it is already listed… when you build your site a quick add of this plugin saves weeks or even months of waiting for a spider to crawl your site.


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